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You can use this talk page to contact me. Unfortunately I have no knowledge in Esperanto. That's why I will answer in English. --RolandUnger (diskuto) 05:43, 16 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]



Hi, Roland. I tried importing the German {{VCard}} in my sandbox and it mostly works, but there are some weird things about it, like the lack of bold letters and the external links showing icons. Do you know of a fix for those? Thanks. NMaia (diskuto) 13:31, 16 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]
The style formatting is done with css rules in Mediawiki:Common.css. Within the next days I will transfer these rules to template styles to simplify the transfer to other wikis. --RolandUnger (diskuto) 06:41, 17 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]
I added the styles to Ŝablono:VCard/styles.css --RolandUnger (diskuto) 12:23, 17 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]

If there are other problems or wishes don't hesitate to contact me -- I am the programmer. It is helpful to me, too, to eliminate errors and to improve the template/modules. --RolandUnger (diskuto) 13:04, 17 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]

Thanks, Roland. Eventually, I'd like to have the template parameters usable both in English and in Esperanto. How could I do it? NMaia (diskuto) 14:15, 17 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]
vCard and Marker use two parameter arrays: ParMap in Module:VCard/Params, which is used for the language-independent script, and p in Module:VCard/i18n containing the indexes for the array of the template data. All parameter values are copied from the p indexed array to ParMap. p contains now only one string for the wiki-language dependent parameter names. I think we can substitute the string by an array with name aliases as I did it for instance in case of Module:Citation/i18n. I think that the modification will not take much time. I will check it on this weekend.
Up to now I preferred English-only parameter names to make copy-and-paste between Wikivoyage branches easier. But I also understand the wish of using names in native language and aliases. We should not forget the adaption of the listing editor, too. But this problem can be solved, too. --RolandUnger (diskuto) 14:52, 17 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]
The ListingEditor.js is now working with aliases, too. --RolandUnger (diskuto) 10:20, 24 dec. 2020 (UTC)[respondi]